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Books You Should Read: Money and Finance – This is a list of books I’ve put together to help you improve every aspect of your life. This is the money and finance section of that list. I’m always reading and reviewing new books to add to it.

Rockstar Finance – This is a blog by J. Money, the founder of Budgets Are Sexy. It’s a collection of the best articles from finance blogs around the web.

Money Girl Podcast – If you’re looking for quick tips and explanations on how to manage the various aspects of your financial life, this podcast is the place to start.

Smart Passive Income – This is my favorite business podcast, hosted by Pat Flynn. Smart Passive Income focuses on ways of generating passive income – that is, creating streams of income that you don’t have to participate in every single day in order to make money. If you want to generate passive income, this is the place to start. It’s filled with many useful interviews, lessons, and more about how to make systems that work for you.

The Clark Howard Podcast – This podcast’s focus is on helping you save more money, spend less, and increase your wealth. It’s also great resource for staying ahead of the various scams out there.

Radical Personal Finance – This podcast focuses on less traditional ideas of managing your money.

Motley Fool Answers – This podcast focuses on answering your investing questions.


Manage Your Money

Mint – Mint is a great application for tracking spending, budgeting, finding savings for different financial products, and basic investment tracking. You can do this from your computer or on your mobile device.

Download: [Apple | Android | Kindle]

YNAB (You Need A Budget) – If you’re looking for an easy budgeting solution, YNAB might be the right choice for you. YNAB helps you easily set budgets and track your spending.

Digit – If you’re having trouble saving, try Digit. Once you connect your account, Digit will analyze your transactions and withdraw small amounts of money over time. It’s a great way to automate some of your savings.

Save Money

Living Social – If you’re looking for deals, Living Social offers discounts on anything, from gadgets and jewelry to social events around the United States. You can save up to 80% with Living Social’s daily deals.

Groupon – Groupon also offers a variety of deals nationwide with the addition of some fantastic international travel packages.

Ebates – Ebates is a great way to earn cash back on your purchases if you shop online. Many stores offer 1-3% cash back, but there’s often deals that I’ve seen get as high as a 14% rebate on your purchase. That really adds up over time.

MyPoints – This is another deals site with a focus on online products and stores. There’s also a section for grocery store coupons which is very useful.

Check Your Credit

Annual Credit – As required by United States law, consumers have the right to order a free credit score report from the major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. This is the ONLY source where you can get your free official credit report. Make sure to keep up with your credit report regularly to correct any errors that may appear.

Credit Karma – Credit Karma is a great tool for monitoring changes to your credit score. The service is free in exchange for them showing you ads for financial products that you may like (no, it’s not annoying!). It does NOT give you your official credit report, but it does give helpful tips for improving your score and a ballpark of what your current credit score is.

Investing Tools

Finviz – Finviz is a fantastic tool for charting the stock market. It’s free and gives you a lot of detail. – MarketWatch is a great tool for keeping up with the financial world. On this site, you can find financial news, business news, essential reports for public stocks, and more. I like this website because it gives much more detail on stock financials than other free sites.



Missing Money – You may be unaware of some money or property you can claim. Perhaps you inherited something, or you just forgot about some savings somewhere. Missing Money is a pretty good tool to find out if you have any money waiting somewhere for you.



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