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Decisions Made Easy: The Power of Prioritizing

Original Photo: 0610 List by Chris Lott Why you need to prioritize. Having goals is great. Having more goals is even better, to an extent. The problem that many people run into, myself included, is wanting too much at once. For many, the desire to chase after multiple goals is tempting, but chasing after many things at once can actually do more harm than good. Humans are not very adept at multi-tasking. It doesn’t work. What actually ends up happening when we split our time and energy into different tasks is that we change modes over and over, wasting more energy […]

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ceo book

[Book Review] How to Become CEO

Summary:  Jeffrey J. Fox’s How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization is a very quick read about practical skills that it takes to advance in a company. What can I learn from this book? A lot. The book consists of a little more than 70 tips on how you can succeed in a corporate world. Even though this book is aimed towards those trying to move up in a company and, as the title implies, become CEO, there are some very practical lessons in each of the chapters which can be applied to anyone’s life. […]

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starting line

Start Small. Start Now.

Original Photo: AH&DY 100m by Oscar Rethwill Everyone has some vague idea of what they want in life. Is there something that you want to change, but just don’t know how to? Perhaps it’s that the task at hand seems so grand – intimidating. It’s understandable; we often procrastinate on those bigger tasks and goals because of their sheer size. There’s so much to do. Maybe there’s lots of time to get the task done. Regardless of the reason, the task remains in the background, uncompleted, and eventually becomes a burden. The answer to resolving this issue, however, is a simple […]

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Finding your why

Finding Your Why

Original Picture: The Questioning Roboto by Matthew Hutchinson What is a Why? Your “why” is the reason you do things. Think of it as shorthand for “why I’m doing this.” Why is it Important? The first time I encountered this as a concept was at my first sales job. It’s amazing how little people talk about the reasons behind their actions. Often, we teach, or are taught, certain actions, but rarely is the reasoning behind those actions explained. Knowing why you are doing something is just as important as doing the action itself. This is why I include a general […]

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Emergency Fund

3 Reasons to Have an Emergency Fund (Besides Emergencies)

Original Picture: Money by PIctures of Money You’ve probably heard this advice before: you should have an emergency fund. You should. There are many great reasons why you should have an emergency fund. In short, life happens, and you need to be prepared for that, but what about the other reasons for having an emergency fund? People don’t talk much about the positive, unintended effects of having this safety net. Peace of mind. This is the obvious result of having an emergency fund. Simply, having one will put your mind at ease because you know that you’re at least somewhat prepared […]

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The Dream Manager

[Book Review] The Dream Manager

As I’ve mentioned before, The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly is one of my favorite books. My first boss gave me this book to read and it had a profound impact on me. This book played a big role in the forming of some of my goals and motivated me to eventually create this website. Summary:  The Dream Manager is a business parable about how companies can get amazing results by helping employees fulfill their dreams. The fictional company in the book must deal with problems which cause many businesses to struggle: employee morale and high turnover. The story specifically revolves around one of the managers in […]

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[Featured] 9 Money-Making Secrets Top Salespeople Know

Original Photo: Sold Sign Board by Mark Moz Today’s featured article is: 9 Money-Making Secrets Top Salespeople Know from Inc.com. As I’ve mentioned before, sales has played an important role in my life. You may think you are not a salesperson or that these tips may not apply to you. Maybe your idea of “sales” is some sleazy guy going door-to-door. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll always have to sell, whether that means selling a product or marketing your skills to a prospective employer. As Stephanie Vozza points out in the article, anyone can be good at sales. […]

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inspirational cliff

Goal Setting 101 (7 Tips for Greater Success)

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to their goals. For many of us, goals tend to remain in our minds as vague concepts – dreams we hope to one day achieve. When we don’t put serious thought into our goals, they’re more likely to remain just that – dreams. The people who accomplish the most in life tend to set specific goals for themselves and have a plan as to how they will achieve them. Follow these tips to set more effective goals and accomplish more. 1) Write them down. Writing down your goals is essential. People […]

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The journey that lies ahead

[Story] My Story So Far: 2015

The beginning of my story. I’m a first generation American. My parents and grandparents moved to the United States from South America many years before I was born. I don’t know the full story of what prompted their move to the U.S., but I imagine it’s for the same reason most people move to the States: opportunity. Throughout my early school years, I was an okay student. I was smart: I was a part of gifted programs, but I was bored. To me, like many people, school was just something you had to do. It was a routine: get up, go to […]

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