[Interview] Alexandra Van Dyck

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Ralston Medouze

Ralston Medouze

Ralston is a teacher and entrepreneur. He's passionate about achieving goals and has a wide variety of interests. Some of his goals include traveling the world and learning 5+ foreign languages.
Ralston Medouze

Alexandra Van Dyck

I’ve known Alexandra for the past few years. I met her shortly after I began my first job in sales – I was immediately impressed. She was – and still is – one of the top salespeople in the region, and she carries herself with an air of confidence and infectious positivity. To date, she is responsible for an impressive amount of revenue for Cutco. Because of her, I have learned much professionally, and she remains to be an inspiration for me to strive towards my goals and continually keep improving myself.


Me: What do you do? How long have you been doing it?

Alexandra: I sell Cutco kitchen products. I started with the company in June of 2009.


Me: Why did you decide to do sales?

Alexandra: I decided to work in sales initially because it seemed like an interesting opportunity where I could make a lot of money. I also needed a job, and I saw there was definitely potential to do well with Vector/Cutco.


Me: What are some important decisions and events that have brought you to where you are now?

Alexandra: I have gone through many ups and downs while working with the company. I think the biggest turning point that solidified me staying with the company for a long period of time was a work “push” where I coached with two of my managers who really helped me expand my thinking and broaden my ideas of what I was capable of. They helped me hit a goal that allowed me to win an incentive trip to Mexico, which changed the trajectory of my path and grew me tremendously as an individual.


Me: What were you doing before?

Alexandra: I was 17 when I started with Cutco, so the only other thing I had done for work was pet-sit and babysit, so it was my first “real job.”


Me: What’s your greatest strength?

Alexandra: I have great interpersonal skills and can work in any type of group, being a cohesive member or stepping up and being a leader.


Me: What’s your greatest weakness?

Alexandra: I can be slow to admit when I’m wrong, and I’m not the best at accepting criticism, but it’s something that I’ve actively been working on and continue to improve on.


Me: What’s one of the greatest challenges you’ve ever encountered? How did you overcome it?

Alexandra: One of the greatest challenges I’ve ever experienced would be when I was the only manager in the office one day and all the power and AC went out and we had a large interview. I had to maintain my calm and stay in control of the situation, all the while working with the people there in a way where it didn’t seem like anything was wrong and without losing them. I exercised confidence and acted like a duck on water and contained the situation with ease and grace, even if on the inside I was in a panic!


Me: What’s one accomplishment you’re most proud of? Why?

Alexandra: I am extremely proud of running a Branch office that was a top 20 in the nation office that produced $146,000 + in sales revenue.


Me: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Alexandra: I hope to continue personal growth and find happiness and fulfillment in both my personal life and career, whether I stay with Vector/Cutco or move on.


Me: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Alexandra: That’s really difficult because I think that I’ve had lots of GREAT advice that’s dependent upon what aspect of my life it relates to. But to choose one – I had a manager challenge me with the idea that my peers were not inherently any better than me, so if they could accomplish something-so could I.  


Me: How do you define success?

Alexandra: I think success is definitely a journey- when someone achieves something they naturally are going to want to achieve something else or something better. So I think success is being able to reflect on yourself and your current and future achievements and feel pride in what you’ve done and what you’re continuing to do.


Me: What do you think are the most important attributes of successful people? 

Alexandra: I think the most successful people are those that are in the habit of bettering themselves, but also find contentment in the person that they are, without so much pressure to improve that they can’t be accepting and happy with who they are. Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people that positively influence them and encourage them to grow. They have a positive outlook and are kind to others, while being generous and willing to give back.


Me: If you could choose one person to get advice from, who would it be and why?

Alexandra: If it could be anyone, it would probably be Mother Teresa. She was such an icon of peace, love, and contentment, and I would love to ask her advice on living a life as admirable and fulfilling.


Me: What do you do in the morning to help you have a productive day?

Alexandra: I think that starting the day with a win or tackling something in the morning that’s going to make you feel that even if that’s the ONLY thing you did that day- the day could be considered a win- is the best way to jumpstart productivity.


Me: What excites you the most right now?

Alexandra: What all the future has in store for me! I have some amazing things going on personally and professionally. And I’m excited to work towards and accomplish some of my short term goals-thus preparing me for and contributing to my long term goals.


Me: What’s important to you right now?

Alexandra: Saving money for the future to build towards my dreams and developing my relationship with my boyfriend to build towards the life that we want.


Me: What’s a book you would recommend? Why?

Alexandra: The Five Love Languages. It is not only super important for a romantic relationship, but it is incredibly helpful in managing and working with a staff of people as well. When people feel cared about, valuable, and appreciated, they are extremely loyal. This book is a wonderful tool for helping people feel just that.

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